Enemy Unseen (Star Trek: The Original Series #51) by V.E. Mitchell, David Stern (Editor)… I guess they can’t all be winners..

trekEnemy Unseen Transporting a diplomatic party is nothing new for Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the “Enterprise(TM) ” — but this particular mission promises trouble from the start.

For one thing, the wife of the Federation ambassador on this trip is an old flame of Kirk’s — she’s determined to see that they resume their romance where they left off. Of course, when another ambassador presents Kirk with three of his wives, finding time for the first romance, let alone any of his other duties, is going to prove nearly impossible.

When a diplomatic attache is murdered, and the prime suspect is one of his crewmembers, Kirk begins to wish that Starfleet Command would consider using some other Starship to ferry diplomatic personnel….

Bad story that can’t seem to get off the ground. An average, lackluster read and annoying.. Which I found to be rather odd, I’ve never been annoyed by a book before. So that was new for me hahaha. This author had a big problem with timelines and history of Trek. The cast was out of character most of the time and did things they normally do not do. I’d sip over this book if I were you.tumblr_inline_mka99g1wPJ1qz4rgp-200x249