Star Trek Book Challenge 59: The Great Starship Race (Star Trek: The Original Series #67)

Trek BookOkay here we have The Great Starship Race (Star Trek: The Original Series #67) by Diane Carey. Shallow is the word I would use for this book… The whole premise is rather bad and a mess of ideas. What could have been a great book was just flat and characters were uninteresting/shallow. The story goes nowhere really and the only saving grace was having Romulans in it. But that’s not saying much tho, it’s almost like the author had the story in place and editor mess things up or whatever. I can see what she was trying to do, but the story just didn’t work.

217592When a friendly, alien people called Rey make contact with the Federation, they are thrilled to learn the galaxy has a large number of intelligent races. To bring the myriad cultures to their world, the Rey host a celebration – inviting spacefaring peoples to send representative ships to complete against one another and the Great Starship Race is born.

*update* While doing some history on the author I found an interview with Diane Carey stating that she had to rewrite the whole book do to problems with the editors/company. One can only imagine what the original story would have been..? Over all it had a few ups, but mostly downs and I would skip this book.

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