Star Trek Book Challenge 60.5: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (Star Trek: The Original Series)

Trek Booktumblr_n4ba331Kw31r7qe31o7_500

912685On the planet Nimbus III, a harsh world deep in the neutral zone, the three major powers– Federation, Klingon, and Romulan– attempt a revolutionary cooperative program, jointly developing the planet as an experiment in peace. But that makes Nimbus III an irresistible target for terrorists, who seize control of the planet, and the Enterprise is sent on a daring mission of rescue. And soon Kirk and his crew find themselves on a much more dangerous and disturbing journey, to the center of the galaxy and the forbidden secrets it holds.

As far as novelizations go for movies. This one isn’t half bad! I normally don’t hold my breath when it comes to these things. Plus with the rate that these Trek novels are going, I’m always a little shocked when it’s good haha. So we have Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (Star Trek: The Original Series) based off the movie under the same name. I always thought that this movie was rather weird and rather funny at times. Most people see it as the worst received Star Trek movie, personally I don’t think it’s that bad. Sure it has it’s faults and a few loop holes here and there. But over all I enjoyed the movie in a odd way.


As for the book, it does a great job at making the story from the movie more realized and deep. So much additional content, it enhances the characters and motivations that the movie only hinted at sadly. For any hard core Trekkie, you should give it a read. It really fills in the blanks that were left out from the movie. I was rather surprised by this novel.

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