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June 2016

Star Trek Book Challenge 67: The Peacekeepers (Star Trek: The Next Generation #2)

Trek Book

The Peacekeepers (Star Trek: The Next Generation #2) by Gene DeWeese

2037333Exploring a deserted alien spaceship, Lt. Commander Data and Lt. Geordi LaForge suddenly find themselves transported light-years away — into the middle of a deadly conflict!

While Captain Picard and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise™ search feverishly for the missing crewmen, Data and LaForge discover they are in a station almost identical to the one they were exploring, high in orbit around an earth-type world. Years before, the occupants of that planet accidentally stumbled onto the ship and its advanced technology — and since then have used its weapons to keep the nations on the planet below disarmed, and at peace.

Now their own arrival has precipitated a crisis on the station. Somehow, data and LaForge must find a way to restore trust between the planet below and the station’s guardians up above — before a final, destructive war breaks out!

What had started out as a quality edition of the Star Trek: The Next Generation novels ended up becoming a huge disappointment. Dull…. Duller than dull.. My God.. Characterizations aren’t quite right, but as the book was written very early in TNG’s first season that’s to be expected. I can’t even with this book… Just kill it with fire.



Overwatch Play Of The Game

Overwatch_Logo2So I’m REALLY liking Overwatch! I’ve never been big on FPS, I liked CoD Ghost and played the crap out of that game with friends and wife :). But was let down with Modern Warfare and even Destiny jaded me a bit (at least on the money stand point). Plus Destiny became repetitive after while, which I find rather sad. Because it was a fun game there for a while. But Overwatch is fun and I rather enjoy the characters in the game. Plus with all the different weapons and specials you can do for each character adds a different element to the FPS. Anywho!! Enjoy the short video! By the way, iRoberts3 is my gaming handle on Xbox Live and every other platform.

Slave Leia VS. Hoth Leia

Oh my God!! This has to be the funnies thing I’ve seen in a while HAHAHA. I love how he goes off on this long childhood story with a few bunny trails. Hahahahahah!

Star Wars Book Challenge 1.5: Han Solo at Stars’ End (Star Wars: The Han Solo Adventures #1)


Next time I fall for one of these tempting offers, sit on me till the urge passes.―Han Solo, to Chewbacca

NUMBER 1.5!!! So here we have the first novel of the The Han Solo Adventures trilogy! A friend of mine let me borrow these book for the challenge and personal couldn’t wait to start reading them! I found myself really enjoying this novel and the over all story plot/idea behind the trilogy.

873195Han Solo trusts no one, and does no favors. But when the best illegal ship rebuilder in the galaxy disappears, Han and Chewbacca agree to go after him—after all, the Millennium Falcon needs some very special repairs. Their search pits them against powerful and ruthless enemies out to destroy them, and finally leads them to an airless speck of desolate asteroid—the Corporate Sector Authority|Authority prison planet known as Stars’ End.

Written by Brian Daley, it was released on April 12, 1979. A sequel, entitled Han Solo’s Revenge, was published on October 12, 1979. The whole trilogy was reprinted together on April 22, 1992. It’s mostly disconnected from the rest of the Star Wars Universe. It takes Solo and Chewbacca off to a distant place far removed from The Empire, Jabba the Hutt and more. While it does examine their pre-Luke Skywalker life, it makes no references to anything familiar other than the two characters, making it markedly different than most other Star Wars tie-ins. Still, the character do feel like those we grew to love on screen and they do have fun banter and action adventures. It’s well written and Brain Daley does a good job of telling a story. Given there really wasn’t much to go on at the time. Han’s quips and comments are true to the first movie as well as his ambitions and code of ethics. Some new characters that were added are two droids, Bullox and Blue Max. Both neat additions to the Star Wars Universe if a bit reminiscent of C3PO and R3D2. 

So far in this challenge I’ve read some short novels. Han Solo at Stars’ End (Star Wars: The Han Solo Adventures #1) is only about 187 pages long. Most of this trilogy each book is just under 200 pages, Han Solo’s Revenge is 198. Making it the bigger one in the set and that one will be coming next month :). I’m really liking where this is going and enjoying this challenge a little bit more.


Star Trek Book Challenge 66: The Galactic Whirlpool (Star Trek Adventures #14)

Trek Book216586The Enterprise comes across a huge, antiquated vessel floating in space and carrying a colony of primitive human beings who have been lost in space. While the colonists are in perfect health, they must deal with the culture shock of learning that a world exists outside of their spaceship. Their initial reaction is fear, as they believe the crew of the Enterprise to be “demons.” And their fears are heightened with the belief that Captain Kirk and his crew are unaware of an outside force pulling them into a whirlpool of death.

The Galactic Whirlpool (Star Trek Adventures #14) by David Gerrold… It’s a Tribbles thing ;).. This is a classic Trek novel in every sense of the word, written by the man who invented Tribbles. What is a Tribble you ask? Well sit back and here is your history lesson for the day.


Kirk_surrounded_by_Tribbles Are fictional alien species in the Star Trek universe who first appeared in the episode titled “The Trouble with Tribbles“. They are depicted as small, furry, soft, gentle, attractive, and slow-moving, and they usually produce a soothing purring or cooing sound when stroked, all of which are endearing traits to humans, Vulcans, and their hybrids. However, because Tribbles reproduce incredibly fast, and consume exponentially larger and larger amounts of food as they multiply and crawl stealthily from one place to another, Starfleet considers them dangerous organisms and forbids their transportation. The Klingons, in whose presence Tribbles produce a convulsive, shrieking reaction, go as far as to consider them “mortal enemies”, as stated in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode “Trials and Tribble-ations“.tribble-stid

Like I said before, it’s a great Trek novel and as well as a tie novel before the movies. The history, world building is a pure form of science fiction and the characters are so well done. I rather enjoyed this book and might read it again at some point. I think the only downside to it, would be the fact it’s so attention to detail. It slows the novel down a bit, much like George RR Martin style of writing. Love the stories and worlds, but damn haha. But if you find yourself with a copy of this book, read it! Another fun fact about this novel, this was the last Star Trek book released by Bantam. Pocket Books too over from there.

Review: USB Type C Charger By Choetech


  • USB Type C Port: Offer the latest and the fastest charging speed (5V/3A max) for iPad Pro, HTC 10, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, LG G5, Lumia 950, Lumia 950XL, Nokia N1, Asus Zen AiO, ASUS Zenpad S 8.0 and other 5V type-c supported device
  • Dual HIgh-tech Smart Ports with Auto Detect Technology: It can intelligently identify your device and offer the fastest available current accordingly for the device
  • 3 Ports in One Wall Charger: convenient for offering fast, efficient charging for 3 devices at the same time whether you are at home, in the office, or outside in trips.
  • Safety Guarantee: Built with Industry grade materials and premium circuitry, fully protect against over-current, overcharging and overheating for safe and fast charging
  • What You Get: CHOETECH 39W USB C Charger (cable not included), User Manual, 18-month hassle-free warranty and friendly customer service

71chAxA6k2L._SL1500_So this charger works well. I was about to charger up my Note 4, camera, and my Tab A with no problems what so ever. I think it took about 30 minutes for all of them to be fully charged, plus being able to travel with it helps out a lot. Well built and doesn’t overheat, that is something I’m always looking out for. I believe you can find this item on Amazon for sale $19.99

The 3-in-One USB C Charger

One USB C charging port charges your latest device and two standard charging ports charge most Android phones and iPhones with iOS 5 or later at full speed as well as many other devices simultaneously.

Fast Charging

–USB C Port: 5V/3A max provides the latest and the fastest charging speed to your USB C supported devices.

–Dual USB Ports: with Smart Identification Technology (SI) provide the maximum available charging speed when identifying your devices automatically in each port.

LED Indicator Light

Blue light make you know your device is plugged in and charging.

USB Type-C Compatibility List (Partial List) 

– 2016 New Apple iPad Pro with 9.7″ Retina Display

– Google Nexus 6P,Nexus 5X

– Microsoft Lumia 950,Lumia 950XL

– LG G5

– HTC 10

– Oneplus 2

– Meizu Pro 5

– ZUK Z1

– Xiaomi Mi4C

– LeTV One Max, LeTV One Pro


Input: 100–240V (50-60Hz 0.7A)

Output:(Type  C)5V 3A(Max)

Output:(USB) 5V 2.4A*2(Max)

Note: Requires a USB-C Charge Cable (sold separately).



Overwatch_Logo2So about a month or so ago.. Taco Bell was having a contest/give away for a chance to win a Overwatch themed head set and possibly a copy of the game as well. Plus they had some cool looking cups and I really just wanted the cup. I figured my changes of winning was slim. So on the back of the cup there is a code you can enter at the website and see if you won. After three days I had sometime and figured why not? Entered in the code and BOOM! I won! The game and the head set!! I have to say that I love the game so far and enjoy the over feel for the game. The head is great and works perfectly. So thank you Taco Bell, Blizzard and Razer for making this happen!!

20160615_123730.jpg 20160614_235524.jpg

New Loot Crate! Dystopia


This is by far the best Loot Crate yet! I’m happy with everything in it. Plus it was a nice little trip down memory lane of my childhood. Robocop, Terminator and Fallout! Plus it came with a cool Matrix puzzle :). The box is rather epic this go around, with a scene from Fallout 4 at the gas station.


Anton Yelchin….. You will Be Missed

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We’re saddened to report the passing of Anton Yelchin, best known as Chekov @StarTrekMovie 

So I was reading Star Trek: The Disinherited (Star Trek: The Original Series #59) and the story line follows Chekov when he first gets to the Enterprises. This made me think of Anton Yelchin… Yesterday we learned that Anton Yelchin was killed in a freak car accident at the age of 27…. 😦 I loved his take on Chekov and loved his movies. It’s a sad day for Trek fan and fan over all. My thoughts and prays go out to his family and friends. This year has not been a good year. Personally and my fandoms… Hope everyone is safe and having a great day!!



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