Star Trek Book Challenge 62: The Romulan Prize (Star Trek: The Next Generation #26)

Trek Book

Not a bad story plot here haha. I’m rather shocked really! It seems most of the TNG novel I read are a bit of a train wreck or what I like to call a “pay check book”. But the story is rather good and the ideas, history for the show are well balanced through out. It is a little slow in the beginning and almost kills the story. But once the main plot comes into being, it’s hard to put down.

I can definitely see this being a episode and almost wish it was for the most part. It’s a perfect book for any Trekkie out there :), so if you find a copy. READ IT!

The Romulan Prize (Star Trek: The Next Generation #26) by Simon Hawke

177031Hermeticus 2 is a planet so shrouded in secrecy that few in the Federation even know of its existence. When a Romulan spy learns of the world, it becomes the centerpiece of a far-reaching Romulan plan. On routine patrol near the border of the Neutral Zone, the “Starship Enterprise” TM discovers an advanced Romulan Warbird prototype drifting lifeless in space. Investigating the vessel, Captain Picard is drawn into a plot that threatens the very foundation of the Federation. Now, with time running out, Captain Picard and the crew of the “U.S.S. Enterprise” must stop the Romulans before the deadly secret of Hermeticus 2 overwhelms them all.

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