…. Nope

635860977597358197-1003640765_writers-block-vintageEver have a problem where you want to write about something. Or at least in the mood to write and you go to sit down…….. Nothing….. Mind goes blank and you find yourself looking at the screen… Yeah That’s me right now.. Maybe it’s caused by the heat, fighting off this cold… Who knows haha.

Anywho! How is everyone doing?

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  1. I’ve had a cold during hot weather. Those are the worst. It’s hot, so you need to cool down, but that makes it harder for you to fight the cold.

    And, yes, I’ve had the same writing problem you’ve had. For me, that comes with sticking to a commitment to write on a specific day.

    I do best when I have mulled something over for a long time or have something planned out. Also, a recent experience to get the writing juices flowing. Prompts and keywords work, too.

    And how are YOU doing? It seems you are feeling a little better since the weekend.

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    1. I’m doing okay. Still under the weather a bit. Working long hours isn’t helping to much haha. I’m finding that hot showers are helping with the stress and this cold thing I have.
      I’ve been working on a book aside from writing on my site. I’ve just been blocked as of late. So not much is getting done.


  2. Dear Jason,
    I’m doing very well. A bit tired though but that has to do with the fact that I just woke up. Well how are you? I hope you’re doing great. And yeah I know that feeling of not knowing what to write. I guess everyone here on WordPress knows that feeling. If you ever need help just ask me. You can contact me with my email. Have a great day or night or whatever it is where you live. Bye

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  3. YES. I don’t get writer’s block in the strict sense, because I can usually think of where I want something to go, but to actually get it from my brain and onto paper is a problem for me. All. The. Time.

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