Star Wars Book Challenge 1: Winner Lose All (Star Wars Legends)

Star-Wars-Book Challenge_Silver

So here we are with the first of the 19 books! As I stated before, I’ll be reading one Star Wars book a month till the release of Star Wars VIII. So on the 15th of every month I’ll be posting a new Star Wars book. Think of it as a fun way to count down to the the movie!

We have, Winner Lose All (Star Wars Legends) by Timothy Zahn (best known for Star Wars: The Thrawn Trilogy & (The Conquerors Saga) is a prequel “novella” to Timothy Zahn’s Scoundrels.

16156151Lando Calrissian’s no stranger to card tournaments, but this one has a truly electrifying atmosphere. That’s because the prize is a rare sculpture worth a whopping fifty million credits. If Lando’s not careful, he’s going to go bust, especially after meeting identical twins Bink and Tavia Kitik, master thieves who have reason to believe that the sculpture is a fake. The Kitiks are beautiful, dangerous, and determined to set things right—and they’ve convinced Lando to help them expose the scam. But what they’re up against is no simple double cross, nor even a twisted triple cross. It is a full-blown power play of colossal proportions. For an unseen mastermind holds all the cards and has a fail-proof solution for every problem: murder.

Winner Lose All is a short story and it’s only about 65 pages long. Now I read this before reading Scoundrels, but I have a good idea on what happen in that novel. I rather enjoyed Winner Lose All, it’s a classic tale of “get rich quick” gambles. Murder, frame-ups, gambling, conniving and thievery, it’s all here! I also like the new characters that Zahn made for the story line, I think the only problem I had with the story. It was a little slow to take off, it it all comes together in the end. Not a bad way to start off a new book challenge, now that the Star Trek book challenge is coming to an end. So if you happen to find a copy of this story, give it a read.

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