Star Trek Book Challenge 64: Star Trek: The New Voyages

Trek BookStar Trek: The New Voyages by Sondra Marshak, Myrna Culbreath….

VISIT TO A WEIRD PLANET REVISITED: during the filming of an episode, the Star Trek cast find themselves living the adventure for real…

THE ENCHANTED POOL: stranded on an alien planet, Spock is pursued by a wood nymph who swears she is his true love…

MIND-SIFTER: Jim Kirk, lost in time, tries desperately to contact ‘Captain’ Spock, now in command of the Enterprise…

And five other amazing, never-before-published stories.

New_Voyages_bantamHere we find another Trek novel writing by two different people and if history has shown us anything. This will not turn out well for this story… Okay well It was edited by Sondra Marshak & Myrna Culbreath, not written. This book is was released by Bantam Book with a foreword by Gene Roddenberry. Star Trek: The New Voyages was an anthology all written by fans in the 70’s.


Introduction by Leonard Nimoy

Geneticist Dr. Albar Exar uses a transporter to split Spock into two halves: one fully Vulcan, one fully Human.

Introduction by James Doohan

The Enterprise is trapped by an inter-dimensional rift that has already destroyed another starship.

Introduction by Nichelle Nichols

While searching for renegade Andorians who have stolen a top-secret weapon, Spock crash lands on an uninhabited planet and encounters a woman claiming to be a fairy.

  • “Visit to a Weird Planet Revisited” by Ruth Berman
Introduction by Majel Barrett Roddenberry

William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and DeForest Kelley temporarily switch places with Captain Kirk, Commander Spock and Dr. McCoy while filming Vincent McEveety’s The Omega Glory.

Introduction by George Takei

The USS Enterprise crew takes shore leave on Krasni, where Kirk gets arrested.

Introduction by Sondra Marshak and Myra Culbreath

The USS Enterprise crew takes shore leave on Rhinegelt, where Spock undertakes the Vulcan mok farr ritual.

Introduction by DeForest Kelley

On an unnamed planet, the USS Enterprise crew mutiny after contacting telepathic insects.

Introduction by William Shatner

Captain Kirk is stranded on 1950s Earth in a mental hospital, having been abducted by Kor, subjected to a Klingon mind sifter, and transported through the Guardian of Forever. Spock is promoted to Captain and spends a year looking for Kirk.

  • Sonnet from the Vulcan: “Omicron Ceti Three” by Shirley Meech

                        Sonnet from the Vulcan: Omicron Ceti Three is a poem written by Shirley Meech. The poem is written in the first person from the viewpoint of Mr. Spock during or shortly after TOSepisode: “This Side of Paradise”, in which Spock encountered Leila Kalomi, a woman he had known many years before on Earth. Leila had fallen in love with him, but Spock did not return her love.

Over all this book was interesting. I liked the introductions more than anything. “Visit to a Weird Planet Revisited” wasn’t a bad little story and found myself rather enjoying it. There is another story that servers as a sequel to another fan fiction story, “Visit to a Weird Planet” by Jean Lorrah and Willard F. Hunt. This novel was published just before the first Trek movie was dropped, so there is a lot of build up in this novel. For any Trek fan I would say give this book a read and enjoy :). I was rather worried there that this novel was going to be a mess. I was shocked and pleased to find out it wasn’t haha.

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