1. Firstly…that…is a good mother. A good parent knows when to take back the lunch that she made for her child, from the piggy little thief that’s eating it.

    Second…that prinicpal deserves to be fired. “I don’t have the facts.” You don’t have the facts, that are staring you inthe face. A donkey brained boy is eating food out of a bag that has another boy’s name on it. The other boy is telling you that the boy has stolen his lunch. What other flipping facts do you need? Maybe you need to see a different eye doctor because your glasses aren’t doing SHIT for you!

    Third…I don’t care how this makes me sound and I don’t care about you big parent babies who go ‘boo hoo! you’re hurting a child’ because if Scotty was my son and I learned he had stolen someone’s lunch, my hand would be on that boy’s backside in two seconds. That’s a spanking in the making. In fact, the first time I saw him snorting pixie stix like it was cocaine, he would have experienced the holy grail of spanking.

    He wouldn’t have been able to lean his ass against ANYTHING when I was through with him. And then, when the very thought of putting his grubby little hands on someone else’s lunch hit him, he would remember the feeling of my hand on his ass and his little butt cheeks would CLENCH in terror, thus sending a message to his brain telling him to pull back and abort whatever mission he was about to partake.

    His brain would then supply him with images of how very much trouble he would be in – I mean, the spanking would just be part one of the punishment, because you can bet that the next week of his life would be spent with a sore ass and boredom because I would take EVERYTHING from him – phone, toys, games – he would have NOTHING! And I would look him in the eye and say, “you remember this day, Scott Michael (I assume his middle name is Michael). Because what I have given you, I will taketh away. I didn’t walk around with you for nine months, spending countless hours in labor, so I could birth a THIEF! If you like stealing so much, then I will drive you down to the local thievery and I will LEAVE YOU THERE! Now, tomorrow morning, when you go to school, you will hand over this lunch sack to that boy, look him in the eye, and apologize for putting your grubby little thief fingers on his lunch and for eating it! And yes, that is your Halloween candy. That’s his now. See? It doesn’t feel good when you have your stuff taken, does it? DOES IT!?!? No it doesn’t! Now go to your room before I do something I will sincerely regret.”

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