Trek BookPower_Hungry

Sent to deliver emergency famine relief to the planet Thiopa — the Federation’s only allies in a critically important sector of space — the crew finds a brutal dictatorship — one more concerned with preserving its own powers than protecting its citizens, or the world they all share. Captain Picard is hesitant about turning over the supplies to the corrupt goernment: he fears they may never reach their intended destination. But can he convince the ruling council to change their ways, before it is too late — for the government, and Thiopa itself?

Power Hungry (Star Trek: The Next Generation #6) by Howard Weinstein.. Meh… Here is another lackluster TNG novel and a cover that is misleading. This one centers around an environmental drama/conflict and it’s beyond over played. Riker and Troi are on the cover and the Troi is nowhere to be found. I think she pops up like 2 times in the whole book! Riker is barely there in the story. characters are underdone and flat. Feel free to over look this book with no guilty feelings at all. The only saving grace the novel had was how it didn’t end with a nice little bow wrapped around the ending.9177590