Star Trek Book Challenge 71: Masks (Star Trek: The Next Generation #7)

Trek Book

“I do not understand” – Data

Oh Star Trek… You say things!!! Ever just read something and go what the hell? Yeah.. That’s what I got out of this book.

217858The U.S.S. EnterpriseTM journeys to Lorca, a beautiful world with a feudal culture where the inhabitants wear masks to show their rank and station. Captain Picard and an away team don masks of their own to begin a quest for the planet’s ruler and the great Wisdom Mask that the leader traditionally wears. Their mission is to establish diplomatic relations.

But shortly after transporting, Picard and his party lose contact with the ship, and Commander Riker leads a search party down to the planet to find them.

Both men, are unaware that their searches, indeed, the ship’s entire mission are part of the plan of a madman, a madman who is setting the stage for a trap that will ensnare both U.S.S. Enterprise landing parties, and leave him to seize control of the awesome Wisdom Mask as well as the planet Lorca itself.

The entire premise for this novel falls apart upon the mildest of scrutiny. A short story wouldn’t stand up founded on such an idea and rather ridiculous to think it would for a whole novel with this concept. Data making mistakes over and over again and the rest of the crew were so out of character it was mind blowing.. I think this novel fell victim to the lack of history and was written at a time when the second season was around. I just don’t know what else I can say about this novel.. Just skip it if you happen to find it.


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