Star Trek Book Challenge 74: Ghost-Walker (Star Trek: The Original Series #53)

Trek BookThis book was.. Meh… I mean it was interesting at points, it just fell flat sadly throughout most of it. Ghost-Walker (Star Trek: The Original Series #53) by Barbara Hambly deals with a rape at the beginning of the book and throughout the rest of the book these actions affect the characters.

1398425371Elcidar Beta Three — a tranquil, undisturbed planet strategically located between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. Home to the Midgwins, a race of people who throughout all time have lived in peace with their planet, and themselves. But now, times are changing. Unwilling to embrace any form of technology, the Midgwins have exhausted their world’s natural resources, and stand on the brink of global famine. When Captain Kirk and the “Enterprise” arrive to aid the Midgwins, they find themselves caught up in that race’s struggle for survival…a struggle whose climactic battle pits them against a creature of darkness and shadow — an entity who roams the “Enterprise” corridors as if it owned them — an enemy who will not hesitate to kill to achieve its ultimate goal…

You’d think with that kinda beginning this would be good drama/action novel. Sadly no.. It’s rather light and slows down do too much descriptions. The plot idea is there and it’s a good one, just wasn’t handled to well. In the end it becomes a typical Trek story line with a few funny moments. It’s a good time killer book.

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