Star Trek Book Challenge 76: Legacy (Star Trek: The Original Series #56)

Trek BookA rather well written book and shockingly pleased with the outcome of the story line. Legacy (Star Trek: The Original Series #56) by Michael Jan Friedman:

217561A routine survey of the planet Alpha Octavius Four turns disastrous as Spock is attacked and poisoned by a huge creature and Kirk’s landing party is trapped underground by a violent earthquake. As Spock fights for his life in sickbay, Scotty organizes a search for Kirk and his men. However, rescue efforts must cease when the U.S.S. Enterprise™ is called away to the Beta Cabrini system where a mining colony is under heavy attack.

At Beta Cabrini, the U.S.S. Enterprise™ faces off against a Marauder named Dreen — a man that Spock had watched his former captain Christopher Pike defeat years before. Fighting the effects of the poison, Spock struggles to his feet and takes command of the ship. Soon, Spock and Dreen are locked into a deadly game of cat and mouse — a game driven by mad revenge that can have only one survivor!

This novel is centered around Spock and Kirk and their problems they are having. It also goes into Pike a little bit. Well maybe to much, it became repetitive after awhile. Yes Pike is happy where he is at, lets move on… Please? NO? Oh he is happy on Talos IV? No backstory or character improvement for Pike? What? Oh Pike is happy again…. Yeah that story line was the only fail in the novel really. Over all it a light and fast read and some humor throughout.

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