Suicide Squad…… *Spoilers*

charactersSo we got free tickets to see the Suicide Squad earlier this week and got to see and LATE screening of it the other night… Now I’ve made no secret about the over all look of the film and the problems I had with the Joker. Point and case would be these posts here:

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Suicide-Squad-movie-roster-minus-SlipknotSo given the history of my feelings about this movie… I became more and more interested to see it, more so than Batman VS Superman (still haven’t seen it). Going to this movie I had ZERO expectations and went into this open minded… Wow.. I was surprised. The movie was sold out and the theater was packed! I found myself really liking the film and the characters, it had me laughing and cheering for the bad guys. I really liked it, more so than some Marvel movies. Personally I don’t why it’s getting a bad rap from movie critics. Oh sure it had some problems, but want movie doesn’t? I thought everything went smoothly and the action was well done. I could see the that David Ayer wanted to do more in some parts and push the boundaries a bt. But wasn’t able to.


Now I was rather shocked that they killed off Slipknot rather quickly.. Yet surprised they killed him off, just thought he’d have more to do haha. Diablo on the other was sad to see him go…. But then again you don’t know if he really died or not. I really like how they brought his character life and the backstory.

Deadshot! It’s nice to see him on the big screen and kinda looking forward to conflict between him and Batman. I like want they did and Will Smith was perfect for the roll.

Killer Croc was interesting. I like the make up effects and what CG there was on worked. When he did speak it was kinda meh. Funny at times, but just meh. He was the Tank of the group.

The rest of the cast was great and Katana was awesome. Just wish they gave her a bigger rol in the film rather than just “bodyguard”.

harley_quinn___transparent_background__by_camo_flauge-da56qq6Harley Quinn….. I’ve always liked the character of Harley when she was first made for the Batman: The Animated Series. She pushed the Joker to a whole new level and a team (as crazy as they were) worked. At first I was pissed on that they made her out to be in the movie. This was before I watched the movie tho.. But after the movie I was beyond happy on what they did and how Margot Robbie brought her to life on the big screen. I liked the fact they brought in the red and black costume for a “cameo” type of thing. After reading up a bit I guess they are working on her own movie! Reportedly, the film will not only be a star vehicle for the Harley Quinn character but also introduce a variety of other female anti-heroes, heroes, and villains into the DC Extended Universe. Catwoman, Black Canary, Batgirl, and Poison Ivy are rumored to appear in the film as well. The story line from what they said is to follow the Harley Quinn comic book storylines Gotham Sirens and/or Birds of Prey. But there is no date at this time and who knows what happens..

…… Jared Leto………………… As the Joker………..

suicide-squad-joker-harley-quinn-jared-leto-margot-robbieI’m going to build a Lego and think about this for a sec… I’m having trouble with this one here…….


…………………………… Building……………………

Still building………..

5dca6787b8d40f8a75cc32e97ad0e8e4And back…. Leto was the only of the movie I’m unsure about… I don’t know if I like him as the Joker… It’s a different take that for sure. But it wasn’t like Heath’s Joker where I just fell in love with the character. Leto is just… I don’t know, I don’t really have any words for it. Maybe I have to watch it again to make a better opinion. But as of right now, sadly I’m not liking what he has done. Also it seems like there was a Lot of scenes cut from the movie with the Joker in it. I don’t know…. It just left you feeling odd.

BUT! At any rate, go see the movie! It was rather good and I enjoyed it. I like it a lot more than Guardians of the Galaxy, I know right! So far the Suicide Squad earned an estimated $20.5 million at the box office on its opening Thursday preview night, smashing the August preview night record previously held by 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy. So that’s saying something 😉


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