Star Trek Book Challenge 77: Faces of Fire (Star Trek: The Original Series #58)

Trek BookWe have number 77 in the Star Trek Book Challenge! Faces of Fire (Star Trek: The Original Series #58) is the current book I just finished.. Written by Michael Jan Friedman, is what I like to call a good “comfort food” novel. The author had a handle on the history of the series and was able to handle 3 or more story plots at once with no effort at all.

217571En route to Alpha Malurian Six to settle a dispute between two religions, the U.S.S. Enterprise first stops to do a routine check on the progress of a terraforming colony on Beta Canzandia Three, a colony whose inhabitants include Carol and David Marcus. Spock is left behind at the terraforming colony to continue his scientific studies and the rest of the crew heads to Alpha Malurian Six to find the dispute has turned to war.

As Kirk, McCoy, and Scotty search for a solution to end the conflict, a ship piloted by a Klingon faction arrives at the terraforming colony to take control of the facility. When colonists are imprisoned, and Spock and David must defeat the Klingons or face certain death.

At times it almost felt rather “Star Trek cookie cutter” story plot. But I personally don’t mind it in this story line. It might be a little slow at times for some people, but it’s all part of the build up and everything has a purpose in the story at the end of everything. It’s a classic tale with the original crew and how can you go wrong? If you find a copy, read it!

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