Star Trek Book Challenge 78: Star Trek: The Disinherited (Star Trek: The Original Series #59)

Trek Book

Here we find ourselves with another Star Trek book written by not 1, not 2. BUT 3 Different authors! In the time that I have done this challenge, I have sound that most team efforts turn the story lackluster or disjointed… Star Trek: The Disinherited (Star Trek: The Original Series #59) by Peter David, Michael Jan Friedman, Robert Greenberger:

217573Gamma Xaridian is a peaceful Federation research colony that becomes the third Federation world to suffer a brutal attack at the hands of a mysterious alien fleet. With Lt. Uhura gone on an important mission of her own, Captain Kirk and the “U.S.S. Enterprise” TM are dispatched to investigate the attacks, only to find the planets completely devastated. When another nearby colony is attacked, the U.S.S. “Enterprise” is ready and encounters a fleet of quick, small and deadly ships. Though Kirk and his crew manage to turn the raiders away, the U.S.S. “Enterprise” is severely damaged and the aliens escape.

As Kirk and his crew prepare for their next encounter with the raiders, Mr. Spock makes a startling discovery about the purpose behind the alien attacks, a purpose that, if realized, could have deadly consequences for the Federation and the U.S.S. “Enterprise.”

This book is rather anomaly and in a way a true to form Star Trek novel. Also most wish this was the template for some of the other novel that I have read. Most of the time you run into authors trying to get their ideas on the page and everything becomes a mess. Not the case here! The new characters are well balanced and blend in perfectly with the crew. The history and knowledge of the show was well done. The time line for this story is interesting… I have trouble placing it in fact. I know it happens shortly after Chekov arrives on the Enterprise. It has a nice pace and just the right amount of action. Plus has a nice investigation/crime novel feel to it. I found it rather hard to put down and blasted through the novel in a few hours. So it’s a good time killer as well haha.

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