Star Trek Book Challenge 79: The Starship Trap (Star Trek: The Original Series #64)

Trek Book

217588En route to an important diplomatic reception, the “U.S.S. Enterprise” TM suddenly is set upon by a Klingon warship. This unprovoked assault, Kirk discovers, is in response to what the Klingon ship’s captain claims are recent Federation attacks on several Klingon vessels which have disappeared. Managing to secure a truce, Captain Kirk reaches the reception only to find out it is not just Klingon ships that are disappearing, but Federation and Romulan vessels, and ships from almost every known race are vanishing without a trace.

Captain Kirk and the crew of the “Starship Enterprise” must determine the fate of the missing ships before the entire known galaxy is drawn into a deadly conflict.

The Starship Trap (Star Trek: The Original Series #64) by Mel Gilden… This novel was so-so.. The whole thing for the most part was from Kirk’s point of view and had one to many plots that went no where.. The science in the book was handled well and the history was well known. It just seemed that the author just lost interest in the whole thing after while. You can kinda see that in halfway through the novel. I liked the villain’s obsession with 19th/20th century American & European history/literature. It’s a basic Trek story plot that really doesn’t go anywhere.. Sadly.. The ideas started out great, just couldn’t get there in the end.

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