Team Hellions


The concept of spinning video games into Hollywood movies is jumping up a notch this summer. Later this month, “The Angry Birds Movie” will debut while early June brings the release of “Warcraft.” There’s little doubt both films will be pretty popular with existing fans, but wow, do they seem like strange releases. These aren’t big action games like Hitman or Assassin’s Creed, whose adaptations are more natural. These are, effectively, playable cartoons.

Well, welcome to Hollywood in 2016! Anything that’s popular can be turned into a movie and will likely make hundreds of millions of dollars. In the near future we might see something like “Snapchat: The Movie” or “Kale: A Food Truck Story.” Anything popular seems to work.

But in the hopes we don’t soon have to watch movies about sexting apps or trendy vegetables, I decided to stick with cartoonish games and suggest three more silly video…

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