Star Trek Book Challenge 81: From the Depths (Star Trek: The Original Series #66)

Trek Book

From the Depths (Star Trek: The Original Series #66) by Victor Milán

1546260Okeanos, a water world settled centuries ago by a group of Federation separatists, is now rocked by a power struggle between the natives and the ex-Federation colony. When the “U.S.S. Enterprise” TM is sent beyond the Federation’s boundaries to the planet to act as mediators, they are surprised to find a group of Klingons already serving as the natives’ advisors. The volatile situation rapidly deteriorates when one of Okeanos’s great floating cities is completely destroyed, and Captain Kirk is arrested for sabotage. Now at the center of a deadly civil war, Mr. Spock and the crew must race to free their captain as they face the deadly secret hidden beneath Okeanos’s murky depths.

It’s there… I feel the book does send WAY to much time explaining Star Fleets mission (and we all know this by now). Or it’s on going explaining of the shape and color of the star ships… That was the only down fall to this whole novel really. It was a fun read and basic of Trek plots with Kirks breaking procedure, getting in between Klingon drama and we can’t forgot the romancing that Kirk does so well hahaha. There have been worst novels out there that I have read while doing this challenge. This one was just fun to read and killed time rather well.

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