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September 2016


Over-Analyzing The Chipmunk Adventure – Sexualizing Teen Pop Stars.

Team Hellions

Its time for another installment in the over analyzing of classic 1980’s animated feature, The Chipmunk Adventure.


Today, let’s take a look at some of the inappropriate and too mature ways that the Chipettes are portrayed over the course of the movie.

First of all, the age of the Chipettes needs to be established.  I feel that any fan of Chipmunk lore can agree that all six of the humanoid rodents are under 18. How under is the question.  Alvin and Brittany definitely have an interest in the opposite sex.  Dates and parties are often used as plot devices.  However, and yes this is a kids cartoon, there is never any discussion of sex or really anything more than a kiss.  Most of the time not even on the lips.  Therefore my guess is around 12-14 years old for all of the tree dwellers.  The girls are in that between…

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The Superhero Dream Team.

Team Hellions

I was recently asked what my dream super hero team would be.  No restrictions, just an incredible team.  It took me much time to think of who would be best and who would compliment each other.  Or, at least, conflict enough to create interesting story lines.  I felt like Captain America during an Avengers membership drive.


Speaking of Captain America, I bet you think he would be my leader for this team.  No, if I want interesting conflict I will be choosing Hawkeye as team leader.  Even better, he’s bringing Mockingbird with him.  Not the one who was missing while her Skrull replacement ran loose.  No, the 1980s version who lived on the West Coast with him.  The one he was married to and trusted completely.  I want Hawkeye to be a leader, but a conflicted leader.  He’s always the first to lead the charge and take the hit for…

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So Cute

Someone is really into Star Wars at this moment hahaha. So cute!

Star Trek Book Challenge 88: Traitor Winds (Star Trek: The Original Series #70)

Trek Book2tumblr_n6r8b62SJC1tbhzz6o1_400Here we are at number 88!! The LAST of the Star Trek novels! The END of this CHALLENGE!! Who knew I was going to able to make to the end when I start this challenge September 3, 2015. One year! It took one year to read 88 core challenge books + 9 side novels that found their way into the challenge (.5), that would equal 97 books in all! I’m happy I did this challenge, even with all the bad and horrible books there were in the challenge. I’m grateful for all the fantastic novel there were, that made the challenge worth while. Because of this I have a better understanding for Star Trek and a new found love for it. I’m also happy this challenge went as long as it did. I believe some where in the middle of this thing, my Father had passed way.

He was the one who got me in to Trek and Wars, comics over all. I would like to dedicate to my Father and to every nerdy Father out there teaching their children the way of fandoms.

So looking back on this challenge I would like to list off my Top 5 favorite Star Trek novels:

1: Star Trek Book Challenge 83.5: Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (Star Trek: The Original Series)

2: Star Trek Book Challenge 23: Shadows on the Sun (Star Trek: The Original Series)

3: Star Trek Book Challenge 25: Metamorphosis (Star Trek: The Next Generation) (Only because this shocked me more than anything)

4: Star Trek Book Challenge 37.5: STAR TREK: PROBE (Star Trek: The Original Series)

5: Star Trek Book Challenge 47: Q-In-Law (Star Trek: The Next Generation #18)

Now this challenge had an number of BAD novels in it. Some of them almost killed the challenge in it’s tracks. Almost… So following the Top 5 I now give you the Top 5 Worst Star Trek novels of this challenge:

1: Star Trek Book Challenge 11: Nightshade (Star Trek: The Next Generation #24)

2: Star Trek Book Challenge 16: Betrayal (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine #6)

3: Star Trek Book Challenge 21: Survivors (Star Trek: The Next Generation #4)

4: Star Trek Book Challenge 30: Doomsday World (Star Trek: The Next Generation #12)

5: Star Trek Book Challenge 51: Grounded (Star Trek: The Next Generation #25)

I really enjoyed doing this challenge and to think it all started by finding a random box full of Star Trek novels. I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did while doing it. So with all that being said! lets got on to book 88!! Traitor Winds (Star Trek: The Original Series #70) by L.A. Graf and it did not disappoint! I am happy that I read this book last, because it ended on a good note as for a story/challenge. This book is rather different from most trek novels out there. Mostly on the fact that it happens on earth for the most part. This is book 3 of the “Lost Years” saga and it is filled with humor, high adventure and is over all just a fun novel. It’s interesting to see Chekov, Sulu and Uhura as the main focus point of the story. Plus them being framed to discredit Kirk is rather a fun twist to the novel. L.A. Graf has done a fantastic job with Star Trek and almost wish some of his stories where made into movies or and episodes.

217598More than a year has passed since the end of the Enterprise’s legendary five-year mission, and Kirk and his crew have settled into their new, separate assignments. But Sulu and Chekov soon find themselves framed for murder and treason, and the two officers are forced to go into hiding. Admiral Kirk and Lt. Uhura frantically search for evidence to prove Sulu and Chekov innocent and uncover a plot that threatens the very foundations of Starfleet.

The web of conspiracy is woven tighter as the real culprits and Federation agents close in on the fugitives. Unsure of whom to trust and with time running out, the former U.S.S. Enterprise shipmates must once again rely on each other to find the truth and prevent the Federation from facing utter destruction.

So if you find yourself with a copy of this book. Read it and enjoy!!! Thank you again for all the support in doing this challenge and make sure you check out my other challenge that is going on with Star Wars. You can also check every Star Trek novel I’ve read in this challenge here Star Trek Book Challenge. Thank you guys once again!!



Star Trek Book Challenge 87: The Devil’s Heart (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

Trek BookThe Devil’s Heart (Star Trek: The Next Generation) by Carmen Carter is a well rounded novel. The characters were well written and going back and forth in between each crew’s story plot blends nicely. It is a little slow in the beginning, but there is a reason for it as the book goes on. Action and conflicts in the novel seem to end to quickly or some of the other story plots don’t end at all. What action there is in the novel, is well written and doesn’t drag on with detail. A classic Trek story with a fade to black style ending. I can see this being an episode and almost wish it was by the end of the book.

217886The Devil’s Heart is a legendary object of unsurpassed power and mystery. Worlds that believe in magic consider it Darkness’s mightiest talisman; and worlds of science consider it a lost artifact of some ancient and forgotten race. Some say the Heart enables its possessor to control people’s minds and to amass wealth enough for a dozen lifetimes, while others think it capable of raising the dead, perhaps even changing the flow of time itself. But to all, the location of this fabled object has remained a mystery, until now. An isolated archaeological outpost has suddenly stopped responding to repeated requests for information. Sent to discover why, the “U.S.S. Enterprise” TM crew finds a devastated outpost and a dying scientist, whose last words fall on disbelieving ears: the Devil’s Heart has been found.
As the quest for the Heart unfolds, Captain Jean-Luc Picard discovers that beyond all the legends and age-old secrets lies an awful truth: whoever holds the Devil’s Heart possesses power beyond imagining.

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