7 Replies to “Say What!?!”

  1. That’s pretty awesome right there. My brushes with celebs on social media are small but pretty kewl. On Instagram the pop/rap singer Janelle Monae a few years ago liked a charcoal sketch I did of her. That was pretty kewl. Then a few days ago I had posted a drawing of Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel, and then I got a notification saying that someone named Emma Kirby was following my feed. I didn’t pay it much notice until I started seeing her drawings. Bam! One of my fave comic book artists Andy Kubert, and his daughter was following my account. Bad ass. Granddaughter to the king himself, Jack Kirby.

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    1. I remember I went my friend’s wedding anniversary on Halloween. Turns out he knew Rob Zombie and John K.(Ren & Stimpy) I got to meet them both and later was asked if I want to go over to Rob’s house for a Halloween party afterwards. I still kick myself for not going…. Yes… I know… I didn’t go. Why you ask? I had work the next day.. Looking back I should have called in sick…. Man that was a dumb💩 move on my part……

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      1. Lmao, ohh yeah. It’s the brain that does that, oh I can’t have fun because I have to go to work tomorrow morning. I’ve done that before, have fun and take a day off, or go to work and regret it for the rest of the day/week/year. I missed out on several things because my brain said NO! You must be a good employee, maintain that 100% attendance! Now? Screw that, lol.

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