Star Trek Book Challenge 84: Three Minute Universe (Star Trek: The Original Series #41)

Trek Book

This is an interesting read.. Sackers for one are one of the most creative alien so far in the Trek. But at the same time it comes across as a alien of the week where they throw a dart at a wall filled with skin color, forehead abberation and human culture analogue.. It’s really fills with mix feelings and the story plot is needs work. I think the humor is the only saving grace in the whole thing and also it did a bit of exploring of Uhura’s backstory. Other than that  is became a typical Trek story plot and nothing more. 


Three Minute Universe (Star Trek: The Original Series #41) by Barbara Paul

77446The Sackers may be the most hated race in the galaxy, so repugnant that their mere appearance makes most Federation citizens ill. That hatred runs both ways, and now the Sackers have stolen a powerful new device that they use to imperil the rest of the universe. They’ve torn a hole in the fabric of spacetime, an expanding tear so that one universe is leaking into another, and unless the EnterpriseTM crew can stop it, it will consume everything in its path.

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