Personal Update 

So this year(2016) is beyond ridiculous… I mean every year has it’s ups and downs. But it seems this year is one kick after another. 

My father passed away early in the beginning of the year. So I’ve been dealing with that. Trying to at least. Meanwhile it seems like I’ve been having a few medical issue after another. Talking with my Doctor and describing some my problems health and mental. Turns out I’m suffering from Depression and Anxiety. Which is causing problems with work and my family. Couldn’t deal with a lot of people all at once and would start to panic. 

Never spoke up for myself and just kinda rolled over. Stress eat…. It was a big mess really. But now I’m being medicated for it and things are turning around so to speak. So after moving forward with that, I had my shoulder finally checked out. About 10 years ago I had popped it out of the socket. Then had it violent put back in. Ever since, it’s been giving me problems and getting in the way of my job. At some points I wasn’t able to pick up my kids or nieces and nephews.

*** Need to stop for a moment. Doctor is hooking up with wires. I’ll explain in a minute.***

So after the Doctor looked at my arm and shoulders, had some x-rays done and found that there is a small gap between my clavicle and join. That cause the muscles to slip in and pinch. So he gave me a cortisone shot in the shoulder to help with the pain. Boy that was the weirdest feeling ever haha. But afterwards I was scheduled for physical therapy for the next couple of months. That was a lot of pain. So much I almost called out of work a few times. But now I’m finished with the therapy and get a shot in the shoulder if needed every other month.

Now the more recent updates and issues. While doing a follow up appointment, my Doctor wanted to see how the Depression medication was working as well as my shoulder. So while taking more x-rays, he stop and moved the machine down to the middle of my chest. Then took a series of x-rays and then proceeded to tell me that he found a dark spots on my lungs that wasn’t there before. Gave me a list of what could cause this or what it could be. As well the bad…. So he did some more tests and blood work and told he’ll let me know as soon as possible. Seeing how he was going on vacation that following weekend. Went back to work and almost broke down in front of my friend/boss…. I really didn’t know what to do. The stress of not knowing and waiting. 

I believe it wasn’t till Monday when I heard the news. It turns out that it was scar tissue, likely caused by a violent cough or throwing up.. So as of right now you are wondering why the Doctor is wiring me up? Well my Doctor wanted me to do a sleep test. This also linked to my depression and anxiety. It’s going to be interesting as to what they find in the moring. 

So till then, I will say goodnight!

8 Replies to “Personal Update ”

  1. ..not knowing how to say anything really… Just wanted to send some positive vibes and wish you well… sprinkles fairy dust everywhere and blows some of the good stuff in your general direction!

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  2. Mate, I’m on a very similar path to yours, with the loss of my father nearly a year ago, and in my mind the health issues (physical as well as social-emotional/mental) are all tied to the grief. I hope you can hang in there and find your way – it’s tough but stick at it!

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