Star Trek Book Challenge 85: The Cry of the Onlies (Star Trek: The Original Series #46)

Trek Book

Here we are with The Cry of the Onlies (Star Trek: The Original Series #46) by Judy Klass where Captain Kirk must confront the ghosts of his past to prevent a catastrophic war.

51KHMNWMBBLBoaco Six, a once-tranquil Federation colony, is now caught up in the throes of revolution. The Enterprise’s mission is to re-establish contact with the planet, and determine whether or not formal ties between the Federation and Boaco Six should be strengthened.

Negotiations between Captain Kirk and the planet’s ruling Council of Youngers proceed smoothly, until the atmosphere of goodwill is shattered by the sudden destruction of a Boacan ship, at the hands of an experimental Starfleet vessel!

In order to prevent full-scale war from breaking out, the Enterprise must recapture the stolen Starfleet vessel and its abductors, a mission that will require the aid of the galaxy’s most reclusive genius, and bring Captain Kirk face-to-face with the long-buried secrets of his past.

Now this book serves as a sequel to Miri (episode):

Miri_disease_advancedResponding to an Earth-type distress signal many light years from Earth, the USS Enterprise discovers a planet that is an exact copy of Earth. It has the same mass, circumference, density, and atmosphere. Even the topography is identical.

It wasn’t a bad book, it really read like a TNG novel the TOS. Not like that was a bad thing, just not what you expect from Kirk and crew. But it is a classic Star Trek story through and through and it’s nice to see old friends back in actions. A must read for any Trek fan out there!

This is the vaccine?
That’s what the computers will tell us.
Without them, it could be a beaker full of death.

Kirk, McCoy, and Spock

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