Review: CHOETECH 20000mAh [Lightning + Quick Charge Inputs] Portable Power Bank


wp-1473882083779.jpgSo a couple of weeks ago I was got an lovely little package from the people over at CHOETECH. It a few different things inside, but I’ll be mostly focusing on the Power Bank on the review. Now right off the bat I was started comparing this Power Bank to the last one I got from CHOETECH. The Review: 10400mAh Portable External Battery Power Bank Charger By Choetech and there were a number of differences. Size being the first one and weight. All tho being at least an inch bigger it’s rather light. Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 supports rapid charge. Supports charging itself through Adaptive quick charger that comes standard with Samsung phones and other. I connect my Samsung it shows notification “fast charger connected”. Has lighting output for Apple devices is a plus. Nice glossy design with battery blue led indication. Simple intuitive and easy to use with included micro USB cable.

76511471250720Product Description:

CHOETECH 20000mAH Quick Charge 3.0 Power Bank

Quick Charge Designed with Lasted Technology 
•Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0: The fastest and most efficient USB charging technology in the world. Up to 4X faster than standard chargers.
Powerful Capacity 
•20000mAH means higher than most of the power bank in the market and means you can at least charge your device 4 times.
Fast Recharge Speed & Wide compatibility
•Quick Charge 3.0 charging port
•Fast charges your QC 3.0 supported devices up to 4X faster than standard chargers.
•QC 3.0 is compatible with QC 2.0. Charges Quick charge 2.0 devices up to 75% faster.
•QC 3.0 is compatible with USB. Faster charges your non-quick charge devices than standard 1A chargers.
•High Efficiency Charging Port
•Charges smartphones, tablets, and even accessories, or any other 5V USB-charged devices for maximum available times.
Popular Quick Charge 3.0 Compatible models: 
HTC One A9
Popular Quick Charge 2.0 Compatible models: 
Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S6,S6 Edge, Note 4/Edge
Google Nexus 6
Moto X 2014
LG G4, LG V10
HTC One M9 / M8, HTC One remix
Xiaomi Mi3, Mi4, Mi Note
Samsung Fast Charge Qi Wireless Charging Pad
Input(Micro): 5V/2.4A, 9V/2A
Input(lightning port): 5V/2.4A
Output (Highly Efficient Port): 5V/1A
Output (QC3.0 Port): 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A
Dimensions: 5.7 x 2.9 x 0.8 inches (14.5x 7.4 x 2cm)
Note: 1. Quick charge 2.0 or 3.0 is not compatible with some Moto devices such as Moto X pure, Moto X STYLE
2. The USB-C cable in the package is for charging type-c supported devices. Please note that it is no use to recharge the power bank itself due to the different charging ports.

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