Star Wars Book Challenge 4: Han Solo and the Lost Legacy (Star Wars: The Han Solo Adventures #3)

star-wars-book-challenge_silver.png898955 Han Solo and the Lost Legacy is the third and final novel of The Han Solo Adventures trilogy, written by Brian Daley. It was released on August 12, 1980. It is a sequel to Han Solo’s Revenge. The whole trilogy was later reprinted on April 22, 1992.

There’s a fabled treasure at stake and a price on Han’s head. So he and Chewbacca head for a planet rumored to hide undreamed-of riches. But once they get there, Han’s beloved spacecraft, the Millennium Falcon, is hijacked by a band of assassins and killer robots. Their chances for survival are so slim, they might as well risk it all….

The fabled hoard of the mad tyrant Xim was beyond measure — it was also, as far as Han Solo and his Wookiee partner Chewbacca were concerned, strictly legendary. But the pleadings of an old spacebum who had once saved his life — plus the fact that a trifling misunderstanding had set the deadliest gunman in the galaxy on his trail, making a secret expedition to almost any place seem highly desirable — were enough to grab Han Solo’s interest.

But within hours of landing on the planet rumored to hold the treasure, Han’s beloved spacecraft Millennium Falcon was hijacked, and his party had to contend with assassins and an army of killer robots.

This was no way, Han Solo felt, for a pair of honest smugglers to make a living…

img_20160527_160045.jpgYou know that scar on Han Solo’s chin? Ever wonder where it come from? Well in this book you find out that it was a knife wound he received during a fight with a dockworker on Dellalt. I found myself liking this one a little more than the second book. It also stands alone and could possibly be read out of turn with no worries (which I did by mistake). Daley does a good job at finishing up the story line for Hand Solo and Chewy. Well before the movies at least haha. Feel that Daley really hitting his stride as an author in the Expanded Star Wars Universe in this novel or novels. It can be read as a stand alone adventure story and could make for some good movies *hint hint*.  If you find this book or trilogy READ IT! I never knew this was around till my friend let me borrow them. Now I’m keeping my eyes open for a set for myself ;).HSLostLegacy_art

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