Team Hellions

I was recently asked what my dream super hero team would be.  No restrictions, just an incredible team.  It took me much time to think of who would be best and who would compliment each other.  Or, at least, conflict enough to create interesting story lines.  I felt like Captain America during an Avengers membership drive.


Speaking of Captain America, I bet you think he would be my leader for this team.  No, if I want interesting conflict I will be choosing Hawkeye as team leader.  Even better, he’s bringing Mockingbird with him.  Not the one who was missing while her Skrull replacement ran loose.  No, the 1980s version who lived on the West Coast with him.  The one he was married to and trusted completely.  I want Hawkeye to be a leader, but a conflicted leader.  He’s always the first to lead the charge and take the hit for…

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