Trump’s  speech was interesting. Not your normal Trump verbal diarrhea. The one part that got me, was when he said he wanted to focus on our inner cities. Buildings, roads, etc.that’s something I’ve been saying for awhile. It would be nice if he did or was able to do such things. But I have no faith in him and rather worried. 

Oh we got change alright! Just what kind remains to be seen…….

5 thoughts on “Well….

  1. I have to write a post about this election today, but it is difficult.

    Yeah, Trump’s speech was surprising due to the tone, length, and content. He is bombastic and boastful, but he was relatively reserved last night.

    I don’t have faith he would do all those things, either. All we have is to look at is his history as a businessman and it isn’t as illustrious as he projects it to be.

    Btw: Are you open to doing any guest-posting?

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