Adventures With Hobbits

So my little ones thought they would make me breakfast this morning… What did they make me? Well.. From what I can tell and what I was told it was a  egg omelet with tomatoes, salsa and vary little cheese…. Vary little cheese hahaha.. I was told that it was still good and it was nice and crunchy. Yes the word “crunchy” was used.

They were so proud of what they made,  expecially my oldest. I did what any good parent would do and tried it.. It was crunchy alright hahaha! They love cooking and baking and I didn’t want to say or do anything to  discourage that. Told them it was good and gave them a few tips and showed how to time things out.

This is the start of the day :). So now I’m making myself some bratwurst to help take that “crunchy” taste out of my mouth haha.

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