Does Protesting Work? 

720px-fist-svg** Warning** On a soapbox here **Warning** This is a little out of the normal for this blog. Yet not really 🙂 I have fought for the freedoms and rights of internet and information censorship. So I feel this topic of protests and voting will fit right in.

This is the fifth time in American history, and only 16 years since voters chose Al Gore but got George W. Bush instead, that the Electoral College overruled the will of the American people. It’s an affront to our democracy and a sign that the system is broken.

Please join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, and end the Electoral College’s power to overturn the will of the voters.

We believe every vote should count equally, regardless of where you live in the United States – EVERY vote in EVERY state should matter in EVERY presidential election. But thanks to the Electoral College, our presidential elections are based on state winner-take-all laws that award all of a state’s electoral votes to the candidate receiving the most popular votes inside each separate state. This winner-take-all system means presidential candidates have no reason to pay attention to voters in states where they are safely ahead or hopelessly behind. Instead, candidates focus on “swing states” while largely ignoring the rest of the country. But there’s a realistic path to restoring our democracy and overruling the Electoral College by 2020, and we don’t have to go through the Trump-led, Republican-controlled Congress. If we can get enough states to sign onto the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, our presidents will be elected by the national popular vote, not the outdated Electoral College.

Please join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, and end the Electoral College’s power to overturn the will of the voters.

The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact would require states to award all their electoral votes to whichever presidential candidate wins the national popular vote. And we already have momentum to getting this enacted nationally: Right now, ten states and the District of Columbia have joined the compact, possessing 165 electoral votes altogether. If states and territories totaling at least 270 electoral votes pass laws joining the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, then the people’s choice won’t be overruled by the Electoral College in the next presidential election. That means we’re only 105 electoral votes away from making sure we don’t have another 2016 in 2020!

After hearing people talk about protests and how stupid it is. Protesting does work and I feel people are missing the point of it. BUT! With all the riots going that are link to the protests is wrong. Why take it out on a Mom and Pa shop because you are mad. These people had nothing to do with Trump or Clinton. Protest and stand together and fight the system! But do NOT destroy other people’s job/lives in the process.  I tired of people acting like mindless drones and have no sense of history. I was sent this email about protesting and thought it hit the nail on the head a bit.

“Ok, so The protests. I’ve got a couple things to say about them, or, more specifically to the people saying things like ‘Protests don’t work’ or ‘they’re just a bunch of crybabies and sore losers.’

First, let me say I don’t condone violent protests or riots. These achieve nothing and work counter to your cause.

‘Protests don’t work’
The point of a protest is to draw attention to a cause and (hopefully) draw enough support to effect change.
By talking about it, even to post sarcastic memes or bash and disparage it, you are helping it. You are bringing more attention to the cause. If you disagree with their cause, you’re better off ignoring it – like I do when the Clan marches.
Furthermore, protests DO work.
Protests got you the 8 hour workday, the 40 hour work week, and the weekend.
Protests got you fair pay for a fair days work.
Protests got women the right to vote.
Protests got African Americans the right to vote.
Protests advanced civil rights (but we still have a long way to go.)
Protests guaranteed marriage equality for all.
Protests have ended (and caused) wars.
Protests legalized weed for 1 in 5 Americans! (I bet you like that one)
Protests gave us our own nation. The one we now call the United States of America.
And many, many, many more things were changed because people had the courage to protest. Whether you agreed with them or not. So, basically, you are wrong. Protest does work – not always, not for everything, not for everyone, but it does.
‘They’re a bunch of crybabies and sore losers.’
I got to listen to 8 years of crybabies crying about what they *thought* would happen to their second amendment rights.  8 years of dipshits turned faux constitutionalists ‘protecting our rights!’ Well, I hate to break it to you but the constitution is not the Bible. You can’t cherry pick the verses that fit your worldview and ignore the rest. These people happen to be exercising the right that comes before your favorite one.  The very FIRST one the founding fathers wrote into the constitution. The right to free speech. And the beauty of that right is you don’t have to agree with what they have to say. That’s your right too! Sadly, and I know this bums you out, you don’t have the right to silence them.
They’re not a bunch of sore losers. You’re pretending that had Hillary won, we wouldn’t be seeing Trump supporters doing the exact same thing (or worse.)

Via Ryan Hayford”


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