Team Hellions

I repeat, BubbleGun is back!  The only release that would make  me more excited is a second volume of Idolized.  This is a make time on this future Wednesday to go to the comic shop, purchase, and read in the parking lot.


BUBBLEGUN#1 (vol 2)

Mark Roslan – Story / Angel Tover – Art / Erick Arciniega – Colors

The BubbleGun crew return for more high stakes jobs!

Since the team rescued the group’s newest member, the cyber boy Asher, from the corporate megalomaniac, Drazic, their world has been in constant turmoil! Devyn and Molli find their bandit crew forced to do the bidding of an underworld gangster, Sir Penny, after borrowing and destroying his favorite ship, The Dark Lightning. Yet, even if they survive Sir Penny’s harrowing missions–how will they escape the clutches of a ruthless gangster plotting to kidnap Asher?!

Creator and writer Mark Roslan…

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