Sundowners Review.

Team Hellions

(A classic review from the now defunct Geeks Unleashed site.)

From Dark Horse Comics, Tim Seeley, Jim Terry, Sean Dove, Crank!


Sundowners is one of the best mind jobs I’ve had while reading comics in years.  The comic blurs fantasy and reality so well the reader will still be guessing on the final page.  The great thing is, the answer doesn’t really matter.  In the end an incredible tale was told no matter who may or may not be in their right mind.

Tim Seeley has always been a writer bursting with creative ideas.  Years later and there’s still no one who can touch Cassie Hack (Proud member of Allison Scagliotti for Cassie Hack movement here.)  Sundowners starts off with a super heroine enjoying the night air for all its darkness and wonders.  Then that is the last we see of The Pigeon for… quite awhile.  Its time to focus on the other heroes, where…

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