GeekFuel Mystery Box (Last Months)

I know I’m more than a little late posting about last months GeekFuel Box. I was just going to skip posting about it because of the amount of time that has past. Plus if you follow me on Twitter and Instagram I kinda shared everything in the box already haha. I started getting GeekFuel because I was growing tired of LootCrate’s services. Between shipping, payments, credits, the list goes on.. But as you can tell I gave them another changes this month. It gave me some hope.. Some.. But before all that, GeekFuel gave me a really good deal on their Mystery Box. I have to say that I’m hooked and really like where they are going with everything. Their customer service is great and fast to fix any problems you have or answer any question.

I was also amazed at the loot inside their boxes. I did get this month’s GeekFuel and that should be here at the 28th (Friday) end of day.. At least that’s what the magical FedEx fairy tells me. So with that coming, I thought I would share everything from last month’s box. So enjoy!!

Any Back to the Future item is loved. Something I grow up watching over and over again. I know the tag is meant of suitcases. But I had to use in my messenger bag and it works so well haha.



Baby Groot!!!!! Favorite thing out of this whole box. He currently has a nice little home right on top of my computer.




The last couple of items in the box were WonderWoman themed. The shirt fits great and I love it. I don’t think I ever found a shirt with WonderWoman on it for a male. Most of it has be female based. My little girl has way more WonderWoman stuff than I do haha. The pins are interesting, I guess there is a series of buttons each month. It’s a random pin in each box, so I got WonderWoman and the next could be Batman.Now the Box did come with a free game code for Steam and that seems to be a staple in every box so far. You also get a news letter and comic book.

Once the new GeekFuel arrives on Friday I’ll share with you all!!



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