October’s Loot Crate!

So here we have October’s Loot Crate.. I almost don’t want to post anything about this month’s crate, because of the frustration and bewilderment… So they take out the monthly payment like they do. Same thing with my housemate… He got his tracking info in the middle of the month and got the crate later that week.. Me on the other hand did not.. Last week of October I emailed customer support inquiring about my crate.

Stating that this is the forth time they haven’t sent me anything and or late. Didn’t hear anything back. Then a email pops up with tracking info. Due to arrive on the 31st… No other notes, no nothing.. So when I finally got the crate, it was rather lackluster.

I mean the Ghostbuster shirt is cool and the Stranger Things figure was awesome. Everything else was meh…

The Buffy bookmark is nice and you have the Thor figure.. I think I’ll save some of this for Christmas. I’m just done with Loot Crate, it’s to up and down now a days. I mean last month’s crate was great and had no problems. But it’s like sliding back into old habits with them this month.

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