Chapter 1: Before & Now

My friend Chris Lockhart started to write a series of novels called Galactic Storms. Thought I would share the first Chapter with you.

Galactic Storms

Act I: Hopes & Dreams


Chapter 1: Before & Now


It was as she remembered it, a beautiful autumn day in the royal guardsmen graduation ceremonies that were being held in the East Garden of the royal grounds. Anron was busy as usual, however the large trees and breeze help to maintain the illusion that they were in their own world. Danis sat with the other four graduates, to the left was the podium where the various dignitaries said their speeches. Queen Marion praised the graduates and thanked them for their personal sacrifices to become royal guardsmen (and women). Danis had no problem with the vows to remain celibate, forbidden to marry, have children acquire wealth and property. The reason for forsaking all those things being any one of them could be used by the royal enemies to persuade royal guardsmen to act against the king and queen…

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