November Loot Crate In December

So it’s December…. December 2… I just now got my November Loot Crate…………..

My main problem is their mailing system. Anywho, the theme for November is Unite 2.0. Over all was an okay Crate, not their best Crate. But it was a decent.. We have a Voltron wearable as well as a Funko Pop figure from the Overwatch game. It was the Loot Crate Edition Widowmaker Variant.

Then we have the Justice League of America No. 28 comic, with a certificate of authenticity from DC themselves. You also have your standard Loot Pin with a $10 gift card to VRV Premium. Then we have a Power Ranger figure made by Loot Crate. There are 5 to collect from as well. There is also a TellTale Series of Batman DLC, you get the whole first season. Then you have the comic DLC and you get two issues of Faith and the Future Force. In the end it was over all a good Crate, nothing to write home about. But it’ll make for some good gifts for Christmas.

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