Year End Review…. 2017

Yep…. Every year i do an year end review on everything to do with my blog, podcasts, life over all… This GIF of Captain Kirk fits everything for 2017… This year as been so up and down, mostly left over from the chaos that was 2016. I think this is the lowest the numbers have ever been. Of course I’ve done like ZERO writing or posting of anything for that matter. The website/blog was even shut down for a month. Wizard World media coverage was a bust, I have all these pictures and stories. Just never did anything with them sadly. I had another book challenge for Star Wars. Fail… Nothing worked out at all this year the way it was meant to.

I think the only thing that was active over this period of time was my Twitter and Instagram and the numbers there show a massive spike. So that is one positive there and I thank you guys!! Oh one other thing is I did start podcasting again!! Rejoining the team Geek Fallout, I plan I taking part a lot more podcasts with these guys. So having said all that, my plans for 2018 that are currently lined up are this:

  • Podcasting with Geek Fallout and Trek1701
  • Wizard World coverage and Comic Con media coverage over all in Oregon
  • Unboxings for GeekFuel and LootCrate or whatever else comings in
  • Book and comic book, movie reviews
  • A more scheduled writing and posting timeline

I really need to get back to what makes me happy. This blog has always been a part of me and would hate to see it go down in flames like this.  I’m also shutting down the Twitter feed for Nerdy Life Of Mine, and have everything go through my personal account. Keeps things easy and that way I’m not all spread out everywhere. As of right now the only social media outs for NLOM are:

That’s where I plan on keeping it till otherwise. So i would like to thank you for sticking around and making NLOM possible. I know I’ve lost a number of readers/followers over this year. I just hope I’ll be able to get them back. Have a happy and safe New YEARS!!  May you be in Heaven a full half hour before the Devil knows you’re dead. Happy New Years!!


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