LootCrate’s Wooden R2-D2

So in September’s LootCrate I got a wooden R2-D2 that you can put together.. It is now January 13th 2018 and I’m just putting it together.. Yeah I know, took my sweet time hahaha. Here is the link to September’s LootCrate: https://nerdylifeofmine.com/2017/09/23/lootcrate-time-spoilers/. Just in case you want to see what else came in the Crate.

The whole thing was rather fun to put together. Rather easy as well. The only problem I ran into was making the top parts fit. I found myself cutting down some of the wood to make them fit better. Aside from that I’m happy with it, was thinking about painting it.. Maybe another time I will do that. (Yes that is a Pickle Rick in the background..)



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