The Runaways


So I’m on episode 5 right now… So far I’m rather liking the show. It reminds me of the Breakfast Club, if you were to give them superpowers hahaha. The music is great in the show, and CG through out is not bad. Personally never followed the comics much. I think I got to issues three, maybe..? I t was a while ago, so while watching the show I jumped on to Google and to quickly read up opn the history of the comic. So basically I’m watching the show and reading the comics at the same time! that’s a bit of a head trip and they stay rather close shockingly enough. But then again I’m only on episode 5 and things can change rather quickly (Walking Dead…… I do love that show tho..).  But I figured if you haven’t read or seen the show/comics, I would share a small history of the Runaways.

Runaways is a superhero comic book series published by Marvel Comics. The series features a group of teenagers who discover that their parents are part of an evil crime organization known as “The Pride“. Created by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona, the series debuted in July 2003 as part of Marvel Comics’ “Tsunami” imprint. The series was canceled in September 2004 at issue eighteen, but due to high numbers of trade collection sales, Marvel revived the series in February 2005.

Originally, the series featured a group of six kids whose parents routinely met every year for a charity event. One year, the kids spy on their parents and learn they are “the Pride”, a criminal group of mob bosses, time-travelers, dark wizards, mad scientists, alien invaders and telepathic mutants. The kids steal weapons and resources from their parents, and learn they themselves inherited their parents’ powers; Alex Wilder, a prodigy, leads the team while Nico Minoru learns she is a powerful witch, Karolina Dean discovers she is an alien, Gertrude Yorkes learns of her telepathic link to a dinosaur, Chase Stein steals his father’s futuristic gloves, while young Molly Hayes learns she is a mutant with incredible strength. The kids band together and defeat their parents, and atone for the sins of their parents by fighting the new threats trying to fill in the Pride’s void. Later they are joined by cyborg Victor Mancha, shape-shifting SkrullXavin, and plant-manipulator Klara Prast.

Since the original groups’ introduction, the Runaways have been portrayed as a somewhat dysfunctional yet loving family. Series creators Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona left the series at issue 24 of the title’s second volume (which ended at issue 30). The series was cancelled in November 2009 after issue 14 of Volume 3, but the characters have been seen in other comics.

Here is a short video made by Nerdist doing the Everything you need to know bit.

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