Old Thoughts & Memories

So earlier today I stopped by my storage unit to clean things up. Also start clearing out old junk, so I’ll be able to move it later on next month.

I was doing okay till I opened a box that had a lot of my Dad’s things in it. It wasn’t so much the stuff that got to me. It was the smell… It smelled just like him. All those summers together, those random adventures we had driving from one end of California to the other. I thought I would be alright, but I found myself crying while holding his hat.. But then laughing, because within the hat was pictures of my father making goofy faces. That was my father…. Always trying to make people laugh or happy. In between this ride of emotions, found a old picture of me and him. Now if I remember correctly, this was taken in Santa Barbara California in the late 80s. Printers were becoming a big thing as well the beginnings of the digital photos.

If you look closely most of the picture is done in binary fashion. This has to be one of the coolest pictures I have of us. I thought it was lost so many years ago. But no! I found it! Cleaned it up and placed it in a nice heavy wooden frame.

I do miss you Dad. I guess I’m still trying to work through the fact your not around anymore. I keep finding myself trying to call you or message you. Specially with my youngest going into Boy Scouts. I thought you would really like that..

I just now realized I’m writing this like he would read this post.. Sorry, it happens from time to time. Grief is an odd thing.

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