Ever Get To That Point?

So earlier today I made the mistake of weighing myself… My weight has also been something I’ve struggled with for years. The the heaviest I’ve been is 360lbs….! The lightest and normal weight for my height would be 185lbs. I was that once and I don’t think I’ll get back there. But I did manage to get back to 240lbs, this last year and thought I was doing good. Till recently I found it harder to do things, get tired all the time. Being out of breath doing basic things. So I weighed myself and found out I’m at 280lbs again…

Between stress eating and I started to drink soda again, plus eating heavy foods at night seems to be not helping me any 😱. So today I started my workout routine and made a eating plan stick by. I really don’t want to end up like my father. Trying to learn from his mistakes. So my goal is 200lbs.

Wizard World Unboxing Harry Potter: Slytherin Box

So while I did enjoy the items in the box. I feel it wasn’t worth $50.00. I’ve had Loot Crates or Geek Fuel boxes that are $25.00 or $30.00 at that chad better items in it and more. I think I had a problem with is how the box was setup. It’s a rather large box and when you open it, you see all the items upfront. A lanyard, small pillow key chain thing, belt, wallet, tie. Under these cool items was a white divider that took up more than half the box, making it look like there was more in there. NOPE…That was it..


Now like I said, I liked the loot, just don’t think it was work $50.00… Now we as got a free mystery box after buying Rick and Morty and Harry Potter Loot Crates. It was a one itme box and this one had Marvel socks (Dr. Strange theme).


No there are a number loot boxes all over Comic Con. Just rethink the Harry Potter crate.

Wizard World Rick & Morty Unboxing

So it seems that Comic Cons are getting in on the loot crate style boxes. Wizard World has a number of them this year. One being the Rick and Morty mystery box.

The box itself cost about $60.00 and inside is totally worth it!

We also got the Harry Potter: Slytherin loot box and a free mystery box. But that will be for another post.

Destiny 2 new DLC

Gaming news update:

  • Destiny 2’s next expansion will be called Warmind.
  • The expansion wilt arrive on May 8 with the start of Season Three.
  • Bungie said the expansion, “will send you to new places to meet new heroes and battle new enemies. You’ll earn new loot and master new activities.”

The Top 5 Tabletop Games Worth Splurging On in 2018

Any board gamer knows the simple truth of the hobby: your wallet will hate you. Some games are more expensive than others, though, to the point where they don’t seem worth it. It may seem better to convince your friend to buy it and have them host game night instead. However, there are some you absolutely need on your shelf if you can afford it. Here are the top five games, in no particular order, that are worth spending your hard earned cash on for 2018.

Image credit: Team Covenant of Twitter

#1: Arkham Horror LCG
With the core set being initially cheap, you might be wondering why it’s on this list. Well, as wonderful as the core set is, Fantasy Flight took the business model of a drug dealer with this one: the core set is just not enough. You need more. That’s where the two existing (soon to be three) expansions and 14 separate “mythos” packs come. It adds up fast, trust me. Completely worth it, though; Arkham is an addictive combination of card game and roleplay that will keep you coming back for more.

Image credit: SW Legion Command

#2: Star Wars: Legion
Some of the most gorgeous and detailed figures I have seen in a while are packaged in this glorious game. If you want to add some awesome figures to your collection, this one is totally worth it since it includes the likes of Luke Skywalker and the OG Dark Vader. Set in the time of the Galactic Civil War when the Empire and the Rebels duked it out in brutal infantry battles, Star Wars: Legion is a strategic and engaging game, even if it’s meant for just two players (but really, who’s complaining about that?). Don’t let sticker-shock scare you away from the thrill of adventure.

Image credit: Funtastik

#3: Zombicide
Zombicide is an exciting cooperative game with a rearrangeable map and strong influences from pop-culture (in fact, the character models are based off of real-life stars like Sheldon Cooper or Rick Grimes). If you’re a player who enjoys zombies, comedy, and action, this is the perfect game for you—and if you want, you can take five friends with you. Charged with a scavenging mission that changes depending on the number of players, you’ll mow down hoards of zombies that grow in number and ferocity as the game progresses (and have a lot of fun doing it). This game is one that you and your friends will treasure.

Image credit: Fantasy Flight Games Youtube

#4: Mansions of Madness
I was hesitant to put another Fantasy Flight Arkham game on here, but this one is too good. A co-op roleplay adventure game with several different campaigns, Mansions has innovated a new way to offer you story and puzzles—through the use of an app that acts as an efficient game master. The use of the app in the game cuts down on the time it takes to set up and smooths out the gameplay bugs from the original game. At roughly $99, it doesn’t seem that expensive. But, in true Fantasy Flight fashion, you have tons of must-have expansions to go with it.

Image credit: Dice Tower News

#5: Gloomhaven
This had to be on here. When you own Gloomhaven, you own one of the largest board game boxes ever—weighing in at around 20 lbs, and packing approximately 100 hours of play. Another entry in the innovative Legacy genre, Gloomhaven is an amazing co-op adventure taking place in a new and unique world. Full of story and world building, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

So, if you’re a tabletop fan and have some money to burn, do yourself a favor and get at least one of these. If you REALLY have money to burn, ignore your wallet’s whimpering and get all of them.

Featured Image Credit: Swappa