Cosplay, LARP and Games At Meadowlark Comic Con

The Dark Empire

The Dark Empire is non-profit Star Wars dark side costuming club

Battlestar Odin

Battlestar Galactica fan club

U.S.S. Mjolnir

Star Trek costume club

RU Ready

Local LARP group

Raider D&D

Dungeons and Dragons Club at Southern Oregon University.

“Raider D&D” is a club created to provide the space and resources needed for students to participate in D&D and (other table top games) in person. The goal is to have a space that’s safe on campus for any interested students to come play or just watch if they prefer, at their leisure.


Your local musical unicorn with moxie!

Knightingale Studios

Local cosplay group. Fantasy, sci fi, comic and video game costumes and props.

Cadilina DeVille

Custom cars and cosplay.


by Girl-Cafe Productions, LLC

Live Action Meadowlark

Meadowlark is here!!!

Cosplaimee is a local girl of Medford who has brought her Cosplay talents to the Comic Con community with her talented work in design.

Look for her at Meadowlark Comic Con and welcome her to the Meadowlark Comic Con family.

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