Motorcycling Superheroes

Superheroes have taken the world by storm through comics, TV, and film. Most recently, fans everywhere have been enthralled in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC Cinematic Universe, and a variety of TV shows based on both Marvel and DC. Often viewed as American mythology, superheroes both demonstrate an entertaining hyper-reality of action and superhuman feats while simultaneously teaching viewers about ideas of morality and community. Heroes such as Superman and Spider-Man thrill audiences as they defeat the super-villain, while pushing forth ideas such as selflessness and virtue. When it comes to motorcycles, some heroes can also teach us a thing or two about motorcycle safety.

The Rebels

Some might scoff at the idea of a superhero utilizing safety while riding a motorcycle, citing such characters as Wolverine and Ghost Rider. It is true that neither character usually wears a helmet while riding their famous motorcycles. In such case can be seen in seen in X-Men Origins: Wolverine where the rough and tough mutant does battle with an element of black ops soldiers while riding a motorcycle. Not only does Wolverine not wear a helmet but he also engages in deliberately dangerous behavior, such as driving through a forest and playing chicken with Humvees.
However, Wolverine also has an incredible healing factor that allows him to survive virtually anything and Ghost Rider is literally a supernatural being who doesn’t have to concern himself with the injuries of everyday people. If they get in a crash, they are going to walk away, regardless of how fatal their injuries are. If you get in a motorcycle accident, your injuries will impact your life for a long time, if you are lucky enough to survive.

The Smart Ones

If someone were to look at the most popular motorcycle-riding superheroes today, it would have to be Captain America and Batman. Neither have supernatural powers or a rapid healing factor and thus must protect themselves from injury. In The Dark Knight, the Caped Crusader rides motorcycles both as Batman and Bruce Wayne and never forgets to wear protective gear (either his armored Batsuit with Kevlar mask or an average motorcycle helmet.)
Likewise, Captain America spends much of his time in Marvel movies fighting HYDRA from a motorcycle. Cap almost always is wearing his costume as he does which consists of a Kevlar helmet and armor which protects him from harm. That being said, it’s doubtful Cap would approve of anyone else using their motorcycle as a projectile.


Batman, Captain America, and even Bane know the importance of protective equipment and defensive driving when riding a motorcycle. Even when fighting against crazed clowns or world domination wannabes, having a good understanding of motorcycle safety can save a life, particularly yours.

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