Random Thoughts

I found myself thinking about my Father today, while I was on my way to my son’s Boy Scouts meeting. I think what started it was when I realized that Father’s Day is coming up. For a split second I thought about calling him.. Then the sad cold truth set in again…

I know it’s been it’s been almost three years since my Father passed away. But it really hasn’t felt like it, I still want to call him and telling him things. In that time there have been so many events that have changed everything about me as a person, as well as my life as a whole. Somethings have been hard to deal with, other’s needed to be done for the better. Good or bad, the choices I made are mine and I don’t regret them for one bit. It’s odd tho.. At this point in life things are going rather well, not perfect and that is fine. I don’t want perfect, I just want to live my life and have it drama free as possible. So far I think I’ve done a rather good job of that. Lilly (my oldest) is coming into her own. Finished ballet, reads all the time and over all super nerd. She has so much personality and a strong mind, it blows me away at times. I forgot she is 10 from time to time.

Jackson’s (my youngest) got into Boy Scouts earlier this year and is moving those the ranks fast. He loves it and draws all the time, he himself has become a mid-manner nerd as well. Everything from comics, Star Wars and Trek, Doctor Who, the list goes on and on. I took them both to Comic Con this year and I have to say that they were in their element. Even my personal life has been going rather well, I’ve been dating someone for almost a year now. Words are at a loss for me to explain to you on how happy I am. She is everything to me, and I’ve still in shock that she said yes to a date hahaha. Always thought that she might be out of my league. That is something else I wish I can share with my Dad.

I just wish my Father was still around, I don’t know if I’ll ever get over it really. I know it’s effective a lot of things I do, This blog for example, my art.. I just stand there and look blankly at the board, even the book I started writing. A lot of it has stop or just become rather lackluster. It’s not that I don’t want to do these things, I have the ideas and drive to do it. But once I start, I drift off and lose focus on everything. I know I want to change these things, but getting there is the hard part. Maybe I need to find another challenge like the Star Trek Book Challenge. I know I have a few Comic Con stories I need to finish. Plus a few updates on some pasted stories I’ve written.

Who know what the future will bring. I know I am looking forward to it.

Happy Father’s Day to the Dads out there!! Keep up the good work and keep everyone safe.

~Jason Roberts

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