A Nerdy Family Kinda Thing

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Having fun with the family doesn’t have to mean kids movies on repeat and endless trips to the community pool. Getting outdoors and having fun with your family is essential of course, but if you belong to a family of nerds, you may not always prefer stereotypical family-fun activities. Mix it up and with these fun, nerdy activity ideas.

Bake a Nerdy Treat Together

What is your favorite video game, nerdy movie, or book character? Try searching YouTube for a dessert tutorial inspired by your favorite series. There are quite a few creative, fun, and delicious baking idea videos on YouTube that will get your family excited to try a new recipe modeled after their favorite fandom character. Search for a Minecraft Creeper cake, Pikachu-inspired macarons, or Hufflepuff-themed cupcakes and make a list of recipes to bake with your family. You could even plan a themed party together with multiple recipes.

PC Gaming

Find a few age-appropriate games to play together as a family and reserve some time each week or month for playing a family-friendly game together. You can have a game account created for each family member and play together on separate computers, or you can choose to share one or more accounts as a family and take turns playing. Console games generally allow only two players to play together. With PC gaming, the entire family can log in and have fun together in-game simultaneously.

Tabletop Gaming

Games like Settlers of Catan and Dungeons and Dragons will quickly become weekly rituals if you have older children who are interested in role-playing games. Tabletop gaming is a creative alternative to video games and gamers tend to enjoy them, even if they are hesitant to start playing. Role-playing tabletop games allow players to take on the role of a hero they create and play in an imaginary, fantasy world. Props can be used, including models, cards, and objects. These kind of games are more verbally interactive than most video games are, so they make a great family bonding experience.

Nerf War

Grab some Nerf guns and have an epic battle! You can try this activity indoors or outdoors, with or without water involved. It’s nowhere near as messy as paintball and not even close to as painful as airsoft gun fights can be. Best of all, Nerf gun wars can include kids of all ages.
If your family is getting bored with the same old family activities, adding a few new ones into the routine can help re-create excitement around family nights. Each of these ideas will spark lengthy family conversations and foster stronger connections with your crew. For example, starting a tabletop gaming campaign with your family involves often involves creating characters, quests, and worlds with a lot of detail, which requires collaboration and a lot of talking. PC gaming will introduce your family to a new game world, full of challenges and objects that your family will be eager to discuss. Keep an open mind and encourage the rest of your family to come up with more suggestions for other nerdy things to do together.

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