The Best Movies and TV Shows for Car Geeks

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We can all agree that cars are awesome. Some of the best movies are those that make use of car chases, luxury cars, and daring stunts. It is with this in mind that we present a handful of the best films and shows that are notable for their automotive decadence.

Top Gear

This is the pinnacle of what all car shows should be about; a combination of interesting individuals with fun chemistry who mix it up with races, comparisons of vehicles, some shenanigans, and even the occasional celebrity to share their thoughts on cars. While the original British series will never be replaced, the transition over to streaming media platforms in the form of “The Grand Tour” still provides quality car-centered entertainment.

The “The Fast and the Furious” Franchise

This movie franchise has become a staple of all car and action junkies. While the genre of these films has evolved from drift racing to action films that happen to have a high number of stunts involving cars, they never cease to entertain. One feature that these films offer over the other films on this list is the sheer quantity of films in their library.

The “Mad Max” Franchise

This quartet of films is not only an ode to the Pursuit Special, last of the V8 Interceptors but, at least regarding the subsequent films that have gone completely post-apocalyptic, to the culture of car modifications. There’s also something to savor in a setting that gives people the freedom of going off-road at high speeds, just so long as they have the “guzzoline” to keep them moving.

Back to the Future I-III

While Max Max’s Pursuit Special is certainly a well-regarded vehicle, the Back to the Future franchise is arguably the single-greatest source of promotion for the gullwing-doored DeLorean DMC-12. Sure, this franchise is a film classic for fans of the 1980s and time travel theorizing, but the DeLorean is what most people think of when these movies come up in conversation.


While there are countless other offerings you may have thought of, this list is sure to provide a great viewing experience for anyone with a remote interest in cars, action or scifi. For more nerdy musings on films, comics, and more check out any one of my podcasts by clicking here.


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