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Hello, readers.

Today I’m going to rank the Star Wars Movies. So far there are 9 Star Wars Movies. I’m going to begin with the worst to the best. There will be a new ranking once every year, because of the new SW movies being released yearly.

Let the first Star Wars Movie Ranking on The Star Wars Guy begin!

Caution!!! Spoilers for all the Movies!!!! You have been warned!!!

9. Attack of the Clones (Grade: C)Episode 2

This Movie is in my opinion the weakest Star Wars Movie ever. There’s a whole bunch of Cheesy Dialogue, the romance (or forbidden love; ew) between Padmé and Anakin is also cheesy and does not rival against Han and Leia’s love, and I don’t like the Armor that The Clone Troopers wear. But there is still a lot of good stuff about this movie. For instance, the Lightsaber fight…

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