4 Awesome Hobby Ideas to Help Keep Parents Sane

Hobbies are activities people do to get a sense of fulfillment and to relax. For parents, having something non-work or child-related gives you a way to escape parenting burnout. There are endless hobbies to choose from, but to help busy parents narrow down the list we have created the top four activities (besides, you know, really cool book challenges) for moms and dads.


Gardening as a hobby can provide more than just a sense of accomplishment when you see the fruits of your labor because gardening can also provide your family fresh food and flowers.

Gardening can be a healthy workout too reports WebMD. It can increase endurance, flexibility, and strength.

Having a garden doesn’t necessary mean working outdoors. You can try your hand at growing an herb garden in a sunny kitchen window. There are plenty of plants that do well indoors in containers such as:

  • Strawberries
  • Tomatoes
  • Onions
  • Lettuce
  • Radishes and carrots

Refurbishing Furniture

Finding and refurbishing furniture is a hobby that keeps you active. Locating the treasures is part of the fun, and there are several places to find old pieces.

  • Flea Markets
  • Garage Sales
  • Estate Sales
  • Craigslist

Sometimes the item just needs a little sanding and paint, or you can go all out by stripping off the old paint and staining the fresh wood. Once you have finished your project you can decorate your home, or sale it for a little profit.

Car Restoration

Car restoration involves cleaning, replacing, and repairing older vehicles. Some hobbyist enjoy rebuilding the entire car from the ground up, while others prefer working on specific areas such as the motors, interior fabrics, or exterior paint.

Some car restoration clubs meet in garages, and others take road trips, so it might be a fun way to get out of the house sometimes.

If you need some training, places that offer classes are community colleges or adult education programs. There are plenty of free videos online made by enthusiasts from all of these areas. They are mix of entertainment and information.


Another possibly profitable hobby is investing. Selecting stocks is something you can start without risking money. There are online trading companies that offer virtual stock picking platforms. Real money is not traded hands.

Checkout investment clubs where you can meet other adults and work on your investing skills. Investopedia recommends selecting a club that values education.

Some types of investments to learn are:

  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Options
  • Mutual Funds
  • Commodity futures

There are many interesting hobbies for parents to try. Having a hobby gives you a way to escape parenting burnout, and gives you an avenue to create, relax, and refresh.



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