The Knights Of Ren? *update*

So I was reading earlier on IGN. That the new Star Wars was going to bring in The Knights of Ren.

Revealed in a new preview from Vanity Fair, the Knights of Ren have arrived on the scene for the final chapter of the Skywalker Saga. While the preview goes into no depth about why they have returned or how they’ll be woven into the plot, a single behind-the-scenes photograph shows director J.J. Abrams and stunt coordinated Eunice Huthart offering instruction to a team of six actors dressed in Knights of Ren costumes.

So after reading that I went back watched the trailer again. The scene where Rey is in the desert with the stealth looking Tie Interceptor coming at her. It cuts away and shows inside the cockpit with someone with black gloves. At first it’s made to look like it was Kylo flying. But now I’m thinking it’s one of the Knights. Because why hide Kylo in the first place, only show him in the next scene fighting.

I’m wondering if The Knights of Ren are going to coming after Rey & company to end this for the Empire…? What are your thoughts?


This is the picture I was talking king about.

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