Pop Culture Pub & Podcast: Geek Blocked


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On this episode we are discussing the times we were ‘Geek Blocked’. Hosted by Chris Lockhart with Co-Hosts Kevin Decent and Jason Roberts.

Examples of being ‘geek blocked’:

– comic books or TV shows being cancelled

– Movie theatres/conventions being over sold

– not taking chances

On our ‘Brain Candy’ segment we will be discussing something we have been reading or watching. 

On our ‘Enders’ segment we are discussing:

– Star Trek: Picard episode 7 & 8

– and the current ‘Doctor Who’ backlash

Also we would like to hear from you: you can contact Chris (who is the Producer of this podcast) by e-mail at chrisloc1701@yahoo.ca
or contact Chris on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @chrisloc1701
Check out Chris’s blog at: www.randomnerdness.com
Check out Jason’s blog at: www.nerdylifeofmine.com
Check out Kevin’s blog: www.maskedlibrary.wordpress.com
You can also contact Kevin on facebook.com/maskedlibrary and Twitter.com/maskedlibrary
Be sure to check out the ‘Pop Culture Pub & Podcast’ group on Facebook
& Be sure to check out the ‘The Incredible Fans…..of The Incredible Hulk’ group on Facebook.
Keep calm and the podcast on!

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